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Our approach looks forward to visionary healthcare solutions, rooted in campaign principles, building from our two decades of experience in
over 30 states ac
ross the country.

We know as campaigners it takes 2 things to get your win:

1) Bringing people together to build and execute a shared vision.
2) Funding that vision.


The US healthcare system is a complex web of structures, processes and funding that has created significant inequities.  Policy makers and advocates need constant innovation and partnership to make real progress toward their shared goals. DIRA understands these structures and recognizes the inequities.  We partner with clients at the intersection of policy, politics and campaign strategy to advance progress.

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At DIRA, we blend federal policy with state and local realities to advance progress. With experience working in over 30 states, we deliver results locally and nationally, including:

  • Create and implement programs delivering over $1B annually serving low income populations.

  • Experience with various healthcare providers including over 100 public and private safety net hospitals, physician practice plans, nursing homes, home care providers, philanthropy and labor organizations across the country.

  • Design innovative approaches to enhance coverage and access for Medicaid and uninsured populations.

  • Develop and implement market and industry strategies to improve the lives of working people.

  • Advise elected officials, healthcare C-suite executives, state Medicaid directors and leaders, foundation and advocacy leaders, industry association leadership and others. 

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