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As campaigners, we know that it takes two things to get your win:

1. Bringing people together
2. Funding that vision

For that reason, we concept, craft, design, and finance programs that connect your ambitions with prioritized, actionable solutions. We untangle knots, traverse political minefields, and connect the dots to objectively assess the possibilities and deliver real results.

Our engagement process is generative, iterative and designed for outcomes:



As ambassadors of a co-creative process, we work iteratively with you, asking questions to understand the political landscape, your objectives and market position, and where gaps exist in our expertise or perception. Based on this research, we dig deeper to decode what outside experts know, what stakeholders need to be brought into the fold, what the data reveals, what services/benefits need improvement, and whether the problem has shifted over time or remained constant.


Following this exploratory phase, we identify common themes gleaned from stakeholder conversations, establish hypotheses, test theories and synthesize the story. This storyteller mindset allows us to weave a compelling narrative about what’s happening today and what’s possible tomorrow. From there, we define the problem statement and move swiftly into solution design.


Here, we get curious, asking ourselves: who needs to buy in to secure legislation? Who has the access and influence needed to make an impact? Which stakeholders share a common interest and allegiance to make a difference? Based on that intelligence, we work with you to identify the options available; ensure you’re connected with the appropriate players; and translate varying stakeholder perspectives into similarities that fuel a shared winning strategy. From there, we design and validate recommendations. Finally, we solidify the political plan, policy solution, health benefits (and related financing structure) and tangible next steps to get your win.

Get Your Win

We simplify the roadmap to success and create and implement programs with immediate impact. We’ve generated over $1 billion annually in Medicaid funds, worked in over 30 states and across over 100 healthcare providers to improve the lives of under-resourced populations. Through every stage of the process, we balance the technical and political elements, build trusted relationships, interpret candid input, and provide strategic counsel to ensure you’re equipped with the tools needed to confidently own your position, make a difference and get your win.

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At DIRA, we blend federal policy with state and local realities to advance progress. With experience working in over 30 states, we deliver results locally and nationally, including:

  • Create and implement programs delivering over $1B annually serving low-income populations.

  • Experience with various healthcare providers including over 100 public and private safety net hospitals, physician practice plans, nursing homes, home care providers, philanthropy and labor organizations across the country.

  • Design innovative approaches to enhance coverage and access for Medicaid and uninsured populations.

  • Develop and implement market and industry strategies to improve the lives of working people.

  • Advise elected officials, healthcare C-suite executives, state Medicaid directors and leaders, foundation and advocacy leaders, industry association leadership and others





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